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General info

"A Royal Stink" is the fifth episode in Season 1 of True and the Rainbow Kingdom, and it is the fifth episode overall.


It's up to True to rid the Rainbow Kingdom of a horrible smell when the Rainbow King goes away for family business and makes her "Queen for a Day."



This episode utilized the following Wishes:

  • Smellfer, a Wish that can make wonderful smells.
  • Whoosh, a Wish that can suck in strongly and blow it out just as strong.
  • Syzer, a Wish that can make things very big or very small.


  • This marks the first time Grizelda doesn't make an appearance.
  • This marks the third time Syzer is used.
  • In a scene from Netflix's official subtitles for this episode, Syzer is called "Sizer" even though it is captioned as "Syzer" in previous episodes.
  • An short instrumental version of Glummy Glooma's song can be heard during the title card sequence.