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General info

Bingo Bango (sometimes called DJ Bingo Bango) is a citizen of the Rainbow Kingdom who is notably a DJ, specializing in playing and singing music.


Bingo-Bango loves to make any kind of music with his voice for any occasion, and is able to sing with an autotune filter. When he sings, he encourages his listeners to join along and enjoy the fun. At times, he seems to easily have his feelings affected, demonstrated when Grizelda criticized him during practice in "Super Duper Dance Party", leading him to believe he was a terrible DJ. This was remedied by True, Bartleby, and her Wishes by inspiring him to continue as a DJ by making melodies with the Rainbow Kingdom citizens, encouraging him to join in.


Bingo-Bango is boombox-shaped, with arms and legs. He is white in color and has red on his left side, and blue on his right side, with a yellow portion on the top of his head. He wears red boots.



Bingo-Bango has a well-standing friendship with True. Upon Grizelda's criticism of Bingo-Bango as a DJ, True made it her mission to help him feel better and return to the Colorseum for the Rainbow King's Super Duper Dance Party.


In "Super Duper Dance Party", Grizelda ultimately wanted to be the center of attention during the Super Duper Dance Party, and thus didn't care for Bingo-Bango's feelings. She demonstrated difficulty remembering his name, incorrectly calling him "Wingo-Clango", "Blingo-Blongo", and so forth. Grizelda brought him to her castle to get him to play so she could practice her dance moves. When Bingo-Bango began making a tune, the Grizmos danced along with Grizelda, which angered her and led her to criticize Bingo-Bango as a DJ, sending him into a sadness leading him into the Neverending Forest. Grizelda later explained that she didn't intend to make him feel bad, and offered to replace Bingo-Bango with her pet Frookie as the DJ. Frookie did an unpleasant job of record-scratching, and Grizelda retracted her offer, explaining that she only wanted to be the center of attention for the party. Grizelda never officially apologized to Bingo-Bango, but there were no other issues after the Super Duper Dance Party ended up being a success with Bingo-Bango's performance.


  • When he becomes saddened, he makes a "shutting down" sound effect with his voice.