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Bingo-Bango Forest Song

From Season 1, episode 1 "Super Duper Dance Party"

The Bingo-Bango Forest Song is a short song performed by Bingo-Bango in the Season 1 episode "Super Duper Dance Party." He sings this as True, Bartleby, Bee-Paw, and a Yeti form an impromptu band to inspire him to perform again. He sings this as additional inhabitants of the forest dance.


  • Bingo-Bango:
    • Ooh, ooh
    • I like to sing
    • Ooh, ooh
    • And play my tunes
    • Friends, get on your feet and dance, ha!
    • Music is what I do
    • I'm dropping the beats
    • To make you dance
    • My friends, ha ha!
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