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General info

"Fee Fi Fo Frookie" is the fifth episode in Season 2 of True and the Rainbow Kingdom, and it is the fifteenth episode overall.

It is the fifth episode of five in True: Magical Friends, the first chapter of Season 2.


When Frookie and Bartleby get stuck inside a troll's twisty maze, True and Grizelda must work together to rescue them.



This episode utilized the following Wishes:

  • Dotspot, a Wish that can make as many dots as you need.
  • Roper-Roo, a rope Wish that is a great help when you need to climb things or tie things together.
  • Sloth-Be, a rare and unusual Wish that can put anything into slow motion.


  • The Maze Troll sings "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fluffy" to celebrate luring Frookie to his maze.
  • Grizelda rides Cumulo for the second time.
    • She also visits The Wishing Tree for the second time, both first taking place in "Princess Grizbot".
  • Grizelda falls twice in two different scenes, and her crown falls off her head both times.
  • Roper-Roo is used for the second time.
  • When True told Grizelda to stay calm in the Wishing Tree, the voice clip of her saying "stay calm" was reused from the Season 1 episode "Zappy Cling".

Running jokes

  • Two characters getting stuck in a hole in the hedge at once (Frookie and Bartleby, then later True and Grizelda).