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Frookie is a male dog who is Grizelda's beloved pet.


Frookie is the love of Grizelda's life, being carried around by her wherever she goes. Frookie seems to have a rather simple personality, easily getting into mischief (such as being duplicated four times by the Flowerus Magnificus in "Frookie Sitting"). Frookie loves to lick and pounce on Bartleby, to his disliking.


Frookie is a small white dog with magenta eyes, a red collar holding a dog tag with the letter F on it, and a matching crystal crown with a red jewel in it like Grizelda's.



Grizelda adores her pet dog Frookie and carries him wherever she goes. They have a very special bond together. They also sleep together, as revealed in "Princess Grizbot".


Despite Bartleby's aggravation, and at times jealousy towards Frookie, he loves pouncing on him and licking him until Bartleby gets him off of him. Bartleby tends to point out Frookie's traits such as drooling.


  • So far, Frookie, the Little Helpers, the Grizmos Kittynati, Cumulo, and True are the only characters to have episodes named based on them.
  • Frookie has a blue and purple bouncy ball that is his favorite toy.
  • In "Hino Tari Hullabaloo", he and Grizelda were kissed by Hatcher and temporarily turned into chicks.
  • In "True Switcheroo", he and Grizelda switched bodies for a while as a result of the Switcheroo crystal. This was later reverted, thanks to True and her Wish help.