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"Frookie Sitting" is the second episode in Season 1 of True and the Rainbow Kingdom, and it is the second episode overall.


True and Bartleby get more than they bargained for when they agree to castle-sit for the Rainbow King and watch Frookie while Grizelda's away.



This episode utilized the following Wishes:

  • Syzer, a Wish that can make you minuscule or gargantuan. With this Wish, you must snap your fingers to get it to stop.
  • Joiner, a Wish that can join several objects into one. They must be close together or else it will not work.
  • Floto, a Wish that can make big bubbles you can float around in.

Before True received her three Wishes, a Wish named Ubu was mentioned, but not used. Ubu is a backwards Wish, meaning you must speak to it backwards.


  • In this episode, Frookie was duplicated 5 times, leaving 6 Frookies in all.
  • When Grizelda began sliding in the Rainbow Castle with True, Bartleby and the Rainbow King, her socks were shorter than the usual socks she wears.
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