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General info

"Great Grizmos!" is the sixth episode in Season 1 of True and the Rainbow Kingdom, and it is the sixth episode overall.


Grizelda commands the Grizmos to build the most dazzling tower in the kingdom, but they use so many crystals that her castle starts to sink.



This episode utilized the following Wishes:

  • Tip-Top, a Stacking Wish made of smaller parts that work together to build bigger structures.
  • Zepplo, a Wish that can hold hot air into its body and expand as it rises.
  • Slipzy, a Slide Wish that can be slid downwards and upwards.


  • The Rainbow King doesn't appear in this episode, marking his first absence in the series.
  • Up until the events of this episode, Grizelda didn't know where the Grizmos lived.
  • On July 28, 2019, the official YouTube channel for True and the Rainbow Kingdom uploaded this episode in its entirety, referring to it using an alternate title: "Princess Grizelda and the Great Grizmos".
    • This is the second episode to be uploaded to the official YouTube channel in its entirety, following "The Kittynati".

Running jokes

  • Grizelda exclaiming "Eeee!"