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Great Rainbow Rally

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Annual race across the Rainbow Kingdom

The Great Rainbow Rally is an annual race that takes places across the Rainbow Kingdom, first held in "Zip Zap Zooooom!". It was created by the Rainbow King and is also officiated by him.

Process and course

Before the race begins, the Rainbow King explains to the participants that the course will be directed by special green arrow signs. The first racer to "zip-zap-zoom" to the finish line wins. Then, he waves a checkered flag to begin the race.

The course begins outside of the Rainbow Castle gate. The racers travel through Rainbow City, the Neverending Forest, and additional areas of the Rainbow Kingdom before returning to the Rainbow Castle to finish the race. After the race concludes, the Rainbow King invites the participants to eat "royal nibbles and sips".

List of participants

The following list of participants is organized by the number of their car, followed by which place they finished..

  1. True & Bartleby (3rd place)
  2. Rainbow City bus (5th place)
  3. Forest Flower Kids (1st place)
  4. Yetis (6th place)
  5. Rainbow Guard (4th place)
  6. Grizelda & Frookie (2nd place)