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Grizelda and the Grizbot

From Season 2, Episode 1 "Princess Grizbot"

Grizelda and the Grizbot (also referred to as Princess Grizbot Song) is a pop song performed by Grizelda in the Season 2 episode "Princess Grizbot". She sings it as she parades around Rainbow City in her giant robot with Frookie.


  • Grizelda:
    • Rainbow City, look at me
    • I'm as helpful as can be
    • Clap your hands, say 'hurray!'
    • Thank Grizelda, yeah, that's me
    • With Princess Grizbot you will see
    • These three Wishes aren't for me
    • Clap your hands, say 'hurray!'
    • Thank Grizelda, yes, that's me
    • Stomping here, stomping there
    • Grizbots save you everywhere!
    • Giant robots are the coolest heroes of the day
    • I'm a hero all the way
    • Grizelda and the Grizbots save the day!
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