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General info

The Grizmos are a group of male creatures that serve Grizelda's wishes and commands. They live beneath Grizelda's castle which is supported by a giant crystal pillar.


The Grizmos love helping Grizelda with whatever she commands, from adding crystals to her castle to simply watching her dance. Even though Grizelda doesn't always find them helpful, she cherishes having them as her friends. They speak some English but tend to speak in a grumbling voice.


The Grizmos are light blue in color and have a different range of sizes. They have light blue tufts of hair on either the top of their head or the side (depending on individuality). The each wear a yellow neckerchief.



The Grizmos appear to enjoy their time serving Grizelda's wants and needs, even sacrificing parts of their own home to add glamour to her castle. They are almost always available and always willing to fulfill her commands. They also appear to do basic chores for her such as walking Frookie, and more extensive chores such as doing Grizelda's laundry. Even though Grizelda occasionally complains about their performance, she still treats them as her friends. In "Great Grizmos", they threw a dance party for her, featuring a cake depicting her image.


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