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General info

Hatcher is a female baby Hino Tari bird, shown in "Hino Tari Hullabaloo". She is the daughter of Mama Hino Tari bird. She and her mother live atop Mount Tippy Tippy Top.


Hatcher has an innocent personality and longs for its mother. She loves giving kisses, and will kiss anyone until she reunites with its mother. Until she kisses her mother, each person she kisses will be turned into a chick like her, and it can only be reversed by looking into a reflection.


Hatcher is a baby Hino Tari chick and is significantly smaller than her mother. She is a light yellow color with a darker brown color on her head, with a colorful feather on top of it. She has a yellow beak, and a unique red feather for a tail.

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