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Hino Tari

12-Hino Tari Hullabaloo-Hatcher and Mama Hino Tari bird hug.gif

Hatcher and her mother, both Hino Taris

The Hino Tari is a species of bird that lives on Mount Tippy Tippy Top in the Rainbow Kingdom. It is a very rare bird, as the mother only lays an egg once every 1,000 years.

Traits and behavior

The first time a baby Hino Tari and its mother kisses is significant; if the baby is separated from its mother when it hatches, it will mistake others for its mother and kiss them, magically causing them to become a chick like it. This will occur until it is reunited with its mother, and once the mother hugs it, the effect will be lifted. The only way to reverse the effect is by looking into a reflection of itself, which will turn the changed chick back into whoever they were (as an example, True utilized the Wish Flecto to help the Rainbow Kingdom citizens and more turn back into themselves).

They love corn; True and Bartleby used this as a method to lure the changed chicks to a closed area in an attempt to change them back to their real form.


The mother Hino Tari bird is white in color, with black markings on her neck and head, along with red wings with vibrant rainbow-colored feathers. She has a colorful feather on the top of her head. Like her daughter, she has a red tail.

Her chick, Hatcher, is significantly smaller than her mother. She is a light yellow color with a darker brown color on her head, with a colorful feather on top of it. She has a yellow beak, and a unique red feather for a tail.