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General info

The Little Helpers are a large group of small creatures that are used to keep the Rainbow Kingdom well-kept and in motion.


The Little Helpers' purpose are to help anyone and anything they can. They perform various tasks such as building bridges, cleaning the Rainbow City bus or simply massaging Bartleby (seen in "Little Helpers"). They are so fixated on helping others, that if they run out of jobs to complete, they will create jobs for themselves, such as making something dirty and cleaning it repeatedly. As long as they have a job to complete, they are happy.


The Little Helpers are small creatures that are white in color. They have four arms and two legs. They have black eyes and light purple eyebrows.

They appear to have a leader that shares the same look but wears an orange cap with a yellow triangle on it.



In "Little Helpers", True allowed Bartleby to keep a few Little Helpers as pets, but they became so helpful that they actually became a nuisance, such as feeding him too many Fishy Poof Crackers. Bartleby wished that each citizen of the Rainbow Kingdom could have one for themselves, leading to a problem in itself: the Little Helpers completing so many small jobs that the major jobs in the Rainbow Kingdom weren't being completed. Eventually, as the episode progressed, with the assistance of True and her Wishes, the Little Helpers returned to completing the major jobs, leaving Bartleby as his pets. This made Bartleby become a bit emotional, but True convinced him that they weren't very far away when they actually will need help.

Grizelda & Frookie

Grizelda was satisfied with the Little Helpers' assistance at first, even thinking of them to be better help than her Grizmos, but their help eventually became an annoyance when they began walking Grizelda repeatedly like her dog Frookie, hauling her around in a cart. When True was rounding the Little Helpers back up, Grizelda wanted to keep at least one of them, but True had to decline her request.


  • They leader is able to communicate with every Little Helper en masse by making a special call sound with its voice.
  • They and the Kittynati are the only two sets of characters to have episodes named after them.