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Little Helpers (song)

From Season 1, episode 7 "Little Helpers"

The Little Helpers song is a song performed by Bartleby in Season 1, episode 7 "Little Helpers."

An extended version of the song was released under the Dance & Sing with True collection on Netflix, and it is the third song of the collection. The lyrics in the extended version remain the same, but have longer instrumental breaks.

Lyrics (episode version)

  • Bartleby:
    • Little Helpers, do your thing
    • Little Helpers, make me sing
    • Cleaning, tidying is how you play
    • Could I love it more? No way!
    • Little Helpers, keep it going
    • Little Helpers, you are showing
    • Helping skills that can't be beat
    • Watching you work is such a treat (missed a spot)
    • Little Helpers, cute as can be
    • Little Helpers, full of glee
    • Right before my very eyes
    • Making things so organized
    • Little Helpers, you've been great
    • Little Helpers, maybe take a break
    • Time to lower the activity
    • Chill out, relax, like Bartleby!
    • Little Helpers, you're not through?
    • Little Helpers, need more to do?
    • I suppose there's other jobs I could mention
    • The dusty ceiling needs attention
    • Little Helpers, you're over-busy!
    • Little Helpers, I'm in a tizzy!
    • I'm running out of jobs to give you
    • And I don't know what to do!
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