General info

The Maze Troll is a male troll that is the owner of the giant maze located within the Neverending Forest. His first appearance was in "Fee Fi Fo Frookie".


The Maze Troll claims that even though he and other trolls can be "meanies", he can actually be quite nice when he isn't guarding the maze. He is protective of the maze and takes offense to those negatively speaking of it (such as Grizelda, who called it horrible and nasty). He tends to make things tricky if someone tries to get out of his maze (such as causing extra walls to suddenly appear, setting booby traps, etc.)

He carries a magic shillelagh with him wherever he goes to interact with the maze, as well as activating its traps and closing it.


The Maze Troll is about a foot shorter than True and Grizelda. He is a white creature with puffy magenta hair and eyebrows. He has blueish eyes and red lips, and he wears a pair of puffy magenta shorts.

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