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General info

Mila is a female character who is the owner of Stinko. She first appeared in "A Royal Stink."


Mila is very kind and gentle in nature. She has a stereotypical "nerdy" personality, and supposedly always has a stuffy nose and therefore can't smell Stinko's bad odor.

She is always polite to whoever she speaks to. As an example, she usually begins to talk to True by saying "Miss True, ma'am."


Mila is white in color and has black eyes with a hint of blue. She has purple hair styled in three pigtails and freckles on her face. She wears magenta eye glasses, and a purple dress with purple leggings.



Mila loves her pet Stinko, despite how overbearingly large he is in comparison to her, and his bad odor. She lets him play with Glummy Glooma near the end of "A Royal Stink."