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"New Year's Countdown" is the first True and the Rainbow Kingdom special.


True and her friends can't wait to ring in the New Year! But first, they're looking back at the moments that made this one so special.



This special did not utilize any Wishes for the purpose of helping True through a troublesome situation, but were instead used to count down to the New Year. The Wishes used were:

  • Bee-Paw
  • Roper-Roo (used to represent the number 10)
  • Floto (used to represent the number 9)
  • Bloxo (used to represent the number 8)
  • Syzer (used to represent the number 7)
  • Slipzy (used to represent the number 6)
  • Snorfle (used to represent the number 5)
  • Cu-bigly (used to represent the number 4)
  • Joiner (used to represent the number 3)
  • Glu-bu (used to represent the number 2)
  • Spark-Lee (used to represent the number 1)


  • This special only lasted 3 minutes, differentiating from a normal 22-minute episode.
  • This is the final True and the Rainbow Kingdom-related video to premiere in the year 2017.
  • This special was reported by several websites to be released on December 26, 2017, but it was added to Netflix on December 25, 2017.
  • The Wishes are used to provide a countdown sequence to the Rainbow Kingdom's New Year.
  • Grizelda did not make a physical appearance, but a clip of her shouting "Nooooooo!" from "Great Grizmos!" was shown during the flashback sequence.
  • Bingo-Bango makes a return appearance after not being seen since "Super Duper Dance Party".
  • Even though no Wishes were used to help True with a problem, the Wishing Tree Song was sung by True, but with slightly altered lyrics. Instead of her saying "please share your wonderful Wishes with me", she says "please share this wonderful New Year with me".