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For the robot of the same name, see Princess Grizbot (robot).

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General info

"Princess Grizbot" is the first episode in Season 2 of True and the Rainbow Kingdom, and it is the eleventh episode overall.

It is the first episode of five in True: Magical Friends, the first chapter of Season 2.


Grizelda's Grizmos build her a giant robot so she can keep the people of Rainbow Kingdom safe, but she's doing it for all the wrong reasons.



This episode utilized the following Wishes:

  • Floto (helped Grizelda get down from the balcony; was not a Wishing Tree sequence Wish), a Wish that can make big bubbles you can float around in.
  • Glu-Bu, a Wish that makes a coating of glue so sticky-strong, almost anything will stick to it.
  • Bringit, a powerful magnet Wish that can pull any object made of metal towards it.
  • Zil-Yun, a Wish that can take one thing and multiply it by many times.


  • This marks the first time True uses a Wish (Floto) without The Wishing Tree sequence being shown beforehand.
  • This marks the third Rainbow King absence.
  • When the Grizmos are building Princess Grizbot, a Grizmo can be seen polishing the eye shield with his rear end.
  • Grizelda sings for the very first time.
    • While singing the song, she plays a pan flute for the first time.
  • The Colorseum makes an appearance, and later gets damaged.
  • When Grizelda says "Look, Frookie. Now's our chance.", this may have been a reference to one of her very first lines in "Super Duper Dance Party", in which she says "Here's my chance."
  • It is shown that Grizelda likes bendy straws with her beverages.
  • Additional things revealed:
    • Grizelda sleeps with Frookie, and wears a sleeping mask over her eyes.
    • The left main door of Grizelda's castle contains a doggy door for Frookie.
    • Grizelda states she doesn't sit on mushrooms, as she declined to when True, Bartleby, and Zee were having a "sit and think".
  • While Frookie controls the Grizbot and comes across True, Bartleby, and Grizelda, it dances and moonwalks as a reference to Michael Jackson.
  • Grizelda appears inside the Wishing Tree for the first time.
    • She also watches True get her three Wishes for the first time, and calls it "a lot amazing".
  • True calls on Cumulo twice in one episode for the first time.
  • Glu-bu is used for the second time.
  • When Grizelda happily calls Frookie's name after he is removed from Princess Grizbot, the same voice clip is used from when she said his name in "Frookie Sitting", twice.
  • Beginning with this episode, the outro song is extended by a few seconds.

Running jokes

  • True preparing shape-themed meals for Bartleby (eg. round foods in the afternoon, and square foods for breakfast the next morning)
  • True referring to the giant robot as the Grizbot, and Grizelda correcting her to say Princess Grizbot.