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"Queens of the Day & Night" is the third episode in Season 2 of True and the Rainbow Kingdom, and it is the thirteenth episode overall.

It is the third episode of five in True: Magical Friends, the first chapter of Season 2.


The Rainbow Kingdom comes to a standstill when the Day Queen and Night Queen decide to stick the sun and moon together.



This episode utilized the following Wishes:

  • Flecto, a mirror Wish that can show your reflection, and can also bounce light in any direction.
  • Zepplo, a blimp Wish that can take up a lot of air and fly way up in the sky.
  • Shoomp-ee, a protection Wish that opens like an umbrella, but can bathe you in sunlight while it's stormy and dark around you, or cover you in deep shade if you want out of the sun.


  • True says "Eeeee!" in excitement for the first time (and more times).
    • She also faints for the first time.
  • True's Face Bubble button makes a different sound effect when called.
  • During The Wishing Tree Song, the sun and moon can be seen trying to escape being stuck together as the Wishing Tree wakes.
  • Flecto is used for the second time, after "Hino Tari Hullabaloo".
    • It is also the first Wish to be used two episodes in a row.
  • Zepplo is used for the second time, after "Great Grizmos!".