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General info

Shadow is a female cat who specializes in Kittynati martial arts and training. She resides in the Black Tabby Dojo with Silverclaw.

In "The Kittynati", she and Silverclaw train Bartleby to become skilled in the Kittynati martial art.


Like her associate Silverclaw, Shadow is serious about her Kittynati practice and training. She is an expert in Kittynati martial arts, and can perform difficult tasks such as hanging from a tree branch by her tail (and lift herself onto the branch using her tail) with ease. She has the ability to disappear by sinking into the ground, hence her name Shadow.


Shadow has purple fur with lighter and darker markings near each of her eyes, respectively. She has blue eyes and a pink nose. She wears a white Kung fu uniform with a black belt.



Shadow and Silverclaw appear to have the same amount of expertise in the Kittynati martial art form, but a true test of whose ability is stronger has never been demonstrated in the series. They also appear to have great coordination.


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