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General info

Stinko is Mila's pet who debuted in "A Royal Stink".


Stinko is happy as Mila's pet and is playful, but unaware of his awful stench. The only one that can tolerate his presence is Mila as she experiences nasal congestion.


Stinko is very large, yellow in color, and has eight legs. He has what appears to be green goo on his head with mushrooms growing from it.



Stinko is very close to his owner Mila, and he is always seen with her. Mila is the only one who will play with him because she doesn't notice his stench due to her nasal congestion. Mila acquired Stinko thanks to True granting her permission to get him from the forest on Royal Request Day.

Glummy Glooma

In "A Royal Stink", he and Glummy Glooma enjoyed tossing a ball back and forth. This brought a slight bit of enjoyment to Glummy Glooma.


  • He was named by Mila's mother.
  • So far, he and Frookie are the only known pets of any character in the series if Bartleby isn't considered True's pet.