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For the song in this episode with the same name, see Super Duper Dance Party (song).

General info

"Super Duper Dance Party" is the first episode in Season 1 of True and the Rainbow Kingdom, and it is the first episode overall.


The King's Super Duper Dance Party at the Colorseum is something the entire Kingdom looks forward to, and True has invited the best DJ around to play the event: DJ Bingo-Bango! But on route to Rainbow City, Grizelda diverts Bingo Bango to play some impromptu music to help her with her dance routine. Bingo Bango can’t seem to please the nitpicky Grizelda with his tunes, and his confidence shatters. He feels like he’s just not good enough to play the big Super Duper Dance Party. When True discovers what happened to Bingo Bango, she knows she has to act fast to boost the DJ’s confidence before he gets on a bus to go back home. With Zee’s help at the Wishing Tree, True gets three Wishes to help her with this task. She uses a wiggly wish to get Bingo Bango laughing and brighten his mood, then uses her metronome wish to keep a beat so she and Bartleby can do an impromptu jam with him. Bingo Bango’s confidence returns and he’s ready to play! But when they get to the Colorseum, the audience has left, thinking the concert is off. So True uses her last wish, an amplifier wish, to spread Bingo Bango’s music throughout the Kingdom to let people know the show is back on. Citizens rush back to the arena, and everyone enjoys the Super Duper Dance Party.



This episode utilized the following Wishes:

  • Shim-Shim, a Wish exceptional at oscillating.
  • Pom-Pom, a Wish that can make the quietest whispers very loud.
  • Bee-Paw, a Wish all about bouncing in different speeds and different patterns.


  • This is the very first episode of the series.
  • A Little Helper becomes the very first character to appear in the series, if the intro song isn't counted.
  • As the episode begins, Bartleby says "yay, balloons!" before popping a balloon in the Colorseum. These are the first words ever spoken in True and the Rainbow Kingdom, if the intro song isn't counted.
  • Bartleby makes a reference to Jell-O while dancing in the Neverending Forest.

Running jokes

  • Grizelda mispronouncing Bingo-Bango's name, being corrected, and saying "that's what I said". She mispronounced Bingo-Bango's name as:
    • Wingo-Clango
    • Bingo-Dingo
    • Blingo-Bongo
    • Blingo-Blongo
    • Wingo-Clango
    • Jingo-Clango


  • Official subtitles for this episode list True saying "A Wish come true" when activating all three Wishes, instead of her actual lines, "Wish come true."