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General info

"The Kittynati" is the ninth episode in Season 1 of True and the Rainbow Kingdom, and it is the ninth episode overall.


A message mouse leads Bartleby to the Black Tabby Dojo, where he'll train with the Kittynati to become a ninja and earn his Red Tabby belt.



This episode utilized the following Wishes:

  • Growzer, a Wish that can make any vegetation glow larger.
  • Bubba, a swimming Wish that lets you breathe underwater.
  • Hushabye, a musical Wish that can play a wide selection of soothing songs.


  • Bartleby went through the following tests while training at the Black Tabby Dojo:
    • Hanging from a tree branch by his tail and then pull himself back onto the branch
    • Balancing on rocks
    • Balancing on a rope tied between two trees
    • Balancing on a tree stump while being tickled with a feather by Shadow
  • This marks the first time that True did not thank the Wishing Tree for granting her wishes.
  • This marks the second time the Rainbow King doesn't make an appearance.
  • This marks the third time Grizelda doesn't make an appearance.

Running gags

  • Shadow clapping her paws twice and saying "again" after Bartleby fails a test.