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The Kittynati (group)

Group specializing in martial arts practice

The Kittynati are a tribe of cats who specialize in martial arts of the same name. The primary trainers are Shadow and Silverclaw, who reside in the Black Tabby Dojo, the headquarters of the Kittynati. Their style of martial arts is reminiscent of Kung fu. According to Zee, the tribe is as old as time itself, but this could've been a metaphor.

Training process

As shown in "The Kittynati", Shadow calls upon the protege (in this case, Bartleby) via message mouse to come to the Black Tabby Dojo to train. Shadow and Silverclaw explain to the protege that once he has entered the Black Tabby Dojo, he is not allowed to reenter if he leaves.

Like the real life Kung fu martial arts, proteges can earn belts with colors ranging based on levels of skill. In the words of the song of the same name, the Kittynati have no fear. They are trained to be experts in balancing, focus, hiding, and more.


So far, only Shadow, Silverclaw, and Bartleby have been shown in the series as Kittynati members; it is unknown how many more members of the tribe exist but more existing members are implied.