The Living Sea (character)

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For the Season 2 episode of the same name, see The Living Sea.

The Living Sea is a female character that debuted in the True and the Rainbow Kingdom episode of the same name.


The Living Sea is very sweet and speaks in a soft tone of voice. She has a family of Ice Stars keeping her cool. When she gets hot, she gets sleepy.

She has a very close friendship with the Rainbow King.


The Living Sea is a giant body of water in the sea, and because of that, she is blue in color. She has two eyes and a mouth solely consisting of her face.


Rainbow King

According to the Rainbow King, they have known each other since she was just a little puddle. The Rainbow King has a special phrase he says while he summons her with his scepter: "Oh, wide and wonderful Living Sea, I ask that you please meet with me."

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