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The Wishing Tree is a recurring character in True and the Rainbow Kingdom, living atop the Rainbow Castle. Its inhabitants are the Wishes, special creatures that have unique abilities that can be only activated by True. The Wishing Tree is also inhabited by Zee, a boy who spends most of his time researching the Wishes using the Wishopedia.


The Wishing Tree does not speak, but makes noise when being called upon by True. It appears to be mostly asleep until True requests it to share its Wishes with her by singing The Wishing Tree Song. It shows happiness when interacted with by True.


The Wishing Tree is massive in size. It has long green leaves, and a face upon the front. It features a staircase on the bottom of the front side so people such as True and Zee can enter it. There is also the Rainbow King symbol in the center of the floor on the inside.



As True is the only one who can activate the Wishing Tree and its Wishes' magical powers, the Wishing Tree is always happy to help True by granting her three wishes at a time. True always makes sure to thank The Wishing Tree for the Wishes, and The Wishing Tree always appears to to gently shake its leaves as a "you're welcome" to her.


Even though Zee is in the Wishing Tree doing research on the Wishes most of the time, the Wishing Tree's friendship with Zee isn't detailed in the series. However, Zee knows when the Wishing Tree has heard True's requests for Wishes.


  • So far, the Wishing Tree has granted 30 wishes to True.
  • Its safety has been threatened twice in the series.
    • In "Zappy Cling", the massive zappy cling ball Bartleby generated was drawing so much magnetic-like energy from the Wishing Tree that the tree began to bend toward it. This was later stopped after a Wish named Zeezu transferred the energy from the ball back to Zee's Zingy Zapper.
    • In "A Royal Stink", Glummy Glooma was causing so much gloom and negativity around the kingdom that it was becoming only a matter of time before he would attempt to bring gloom upon the Rainbow Castle and ultimately the tree. Moments later, the tree was later engulfed in the stink clouds after Smellfer released them upon too much stress. This was later stopped by Syzer after it shrunk the stink cloud and gave it to Glooma to use for transportation and to smell whenever he wanted.