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General info

True is a female human who is the main titular protagonist of the Netflix-original animated series True and the Rainbow Kingdom.


True is a strong heroine who possesses a warm heart, a clever mind and boundless energy. She accepts every challenge head on with a beaming smile. What makes True “truly” extraordinary is that she is the only one in the Rainbow Kingdom who can activate the Wishes’ special powers that unleash magical energy. Each time her Wishes are granted by The Wishing Tree, she always makes sure to thank it.


True is a human with pale skin, blue hair, and blue eyes slightly brighter than her hair. Her hair is styled into two pig tails in the shape of hearts. She wears a white hairband with a blue, yellow and red-colored bow, a white puffy-sleeved t-shirt with a yellow sash carrying three Wishes on it, a short magenta skirt with dark magenta trim, long-legged magenta leggings, and yellow boots covering rainbow-colored socks.

The front of her sash has a button on it that can be used to communicate with others from afar such as the Rainbow King via "face bubble".

According to the CBC parents guide, her age is is eight years old.[1]



Bartleby is one of True's best friends, and it appears they have a strong bond with each other. They share a hug frequently and are always by each other's side, even in difficult and trying times. They love playing games together, such as sliding on the floor (seen in "Frookie Sitting". She calls him "Bee" for short.


True has shown noteworthy patience towards Grizelda, despite Grizelda's self-centered attitude. True is still friendly towards her and treats her as friendly as she would anyone else. They have shared a hug a few times.

Rainbow King

True treats the Rainbow King with respect, addressing him as "Your Majesty". Their friendship is strong enough to where the Rainbow King entrusted True to look over the Rainbow Castle while he was at the Neverending Chit-Chat Council, seen in "Frookie Sitting."


True visits Zee when in need of wishes from The Wishing Tree. She patiently listens to his instructions on each wish's ability and how to stop them when necessary. True is best friends with Zee. Zee always knows how to calm True down, and to have a think.

The wishes

The wishes are True's best friends. They always are obediant to help her with problems.


  • She and Bartleby sleep in the same bed together (shown in "Great Grizmos!").
  • In "Queens of the Day & Night", she exclaims "Eeee!" in excitement of seeing the Day Queen and Night Queen. Before this, Grizelda was the only one that said "Eeee!" in times of excitement.
    • She also fainted for the first time in that episode, also a result of her excitement.