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General info

"True Switcheroo" is the fourth episode in Season 2 of True and the Rainbow Kingdom, and is the fourteenth episode overall.

It is the fourth episode of five in "True: Magical Friends", the first chapter of Season 2.


After digging up a powerful crystal that smells like peppermint, True and Bartleby switch places and get trapped inside each other's bodies!



This episode utilized the following Wishes:

  • Snorfle, a Smelling Wish with a very strong nose for sniffing things out.
  • Zil-Yun, a Wish that can make exact copies of things, whether one needs one copy or 100 copies.
  • Look-See, a Seeing Wish that can help one spot things that others' eyes can't see.


  • Grizelda screams in excitement for the first time.
    • She also says "Eee!" again, moments later.
  • Since True and Bartleby switched bodies, Bartleby's body was seen during The Wishing Tree Song, but True was still performing it. She wore her Wish pack over his body. The same circumstances applied when she used her Wishes.
    • Along with this, Zee stated that the Wishing Tree always knows the real True. He also stated that Zil-Yun is one of his favorite Wishes.
  • Snorfle is used for the second time. Its previous use took place in "A Berry Big Mystery".
    • Zil-Yun is also used for the second time. Its previous use took place in "Princess Grizbot".
  • Glummy Glooma returns in a cameo, making his first appearance since "A Royal Stink".
  • The Rainbow Castle's Flowerus Magnificus makes its first appearance since "Frookie Sitting".
  • True using Look-See to find the real Switcheroo with Bartleby's paw print on it may be a reference to Blue's Clues, a popular Nickelodeon preschool series in which the main character Blue leaves her paw prints on objects, serving as "clues" to her point.
  • The music playing in the background during True and Bartleby's "one-second dance party" is background music from "Super Duper Dance Party".
  • Grizelda (in Frookie's body) cries for the first time.
    • She and Frookie, in reversed bodies, lick Bartleby in celebration of getting all of the crystal copies.
    • Upon being switched back, Grizelda exclaims "Ugh! I kissed a cat!", directly referencing the same line in "Frookie Sitting".

Running jokes

  • A Rainbow Kingdom citizen saying "This isn't my stop." returns and says the same line, referencing the same gag in "Zip Zap Zooooom!".