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Welcome to the True and the Rainbow Kingdom Wiki's image policy page. This page features a list of guidelines for uploading images to this wiki.

Images relating to True and the Rainbow Kingdom

  • Images of episodes are not to be taken from a camera. We only accept screenshots.
  • Images of True and the Rainbow Kingdom must be high in quality. Heavily-pixelated images will be deleted.
  • Images are preferred to be in a 16:9 format, the original aspect ratio of True and the Rainbow Kingdom episodes.
  • It is preferred that characters are not blinking in an episode image.
  • Images that contain watermarks will likely be deleted unless they are very transparent.
  • Do not upload images to non-user-oriented pages that are not related to True and the Rainbow Kingdom.
    • By "user-oriented", we mean that you may upload non True and the Rainbow Kingdom-related images to your user page and blog posts, as long as they do not violate our basic guidelines and the personal image section of our image policy.

Personal images

This section of our image policy pertains to images uploaded on your user page, blog posts, and personal templates.

  • Please do not upload a picture of yourself to the wiki. This is for your own safety and privacy.
  • Do not upload images that break any of our basic guidelines. These include images that involve, but are not limited to:
    • Captions including swearing
    • Sexual content
    • Racist content
    • Gore