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General info

The Wishes are magical beings that live in The Wishing Tree. In their dormant state, they are little more than yellow limbless balls with faces. Only True can activate them by saying "zip, zap, zoo, I choose you!". They are supervised and researched by Zee using the Wishopedia, a book detailing each Wish, their name, their ability, and how to stop them when necessary. Wishes revealed so far are unique in their appearances and abilities.


The Wishes are powerful little beings who live in the magical Wishing Tree as cute little yellow orbs until they are called upon by True. Once Wishes are activated by True, they reveal their unique personalities and incredible abilities. The Wishes are always eager and willing to do whatever it takes to help True save the day and bring peace and happiness to the Rainbow Kingdom.


They love being hugged by others, especially True. According to Zee, affection makes Wishes happier and stronger.


Lists of Wishes

The following are lists of Wishes used in True and the Rainbow Kingdom organized by episode. Wishes used more than once in the episode will not be mentioned more than once for that episode.

Super Duper Dance Party

  • Shim-Shim, a Wish exceptional at oscillating.
  • Pom-Pom, a Wish that can make the quietest whispers very loud.
  • Bee-Paw, a Wish all about bouncing in different speeds and different patterns.

Frookie Sitting

  • Syzer, a Wish that can make you minuscule or gargantuan. With this Wish, you must snap your fingers to get it to stop.
  • Joiner, a Wish that can join several objects into one. They must be close together or else it will not work.
  • Floto, a Wish that can make big bubbles you can float around in.

Before True received her three Wishes, a Wish named Ubu was mentioned, but not used. Ubu is a backwards Wish, meaning you must speak to it backwards.

Zappy Cling

  • Elongy, a Wish that can stretch out super long, but can also snap back into shape.
  • Glu-bu, a Sticky Wish that can make anything stick to its glue trail, no matter what the object is made of.
  • Zeezu, a Wish like a battery that can take and give energy.

Before True received her three Wishes, a Wish named Hidzey was mentioned, but not used. Hidzey is a wish that loves to hide.

Zip Zap Zooooom!

  • Roper-Roo, a Wish that can be used to lasso things and move them.
  • Cu-bigly, a Wish that wiggles, wobbles, and is very springy.

A Royal Stink

  • Smellfer, a Wish that can make wonderful smells.
  • Whoosh, a Wish that can suck in strongly and blow it out just as strong.

Great Grizmos!

  • Tip-Top, a Stacking Wish made of smaller parts that work together to build bigger structures.
  • Zepplo, a Wish that can hold hot air into its body and expand as it rises.
  • Slipzy, a Slide Wish that can be slid downwards and upwards.

Little Helpers

  • Spark-Lee, a fireworks Wish that is so bright and colorful, you can't stop looking at it.
  • Bloxo, a box-shaped Wish that is small enough to carry your lunch or multiply to carry a hundred lunches, plus dessert.
  • Tisway, a Wish that plays enchanting music that everyone will flock to.

Wishing Heart Hollow

  • Wo Glo, a Wish that can make light that is super bright or very faint. This Wish can also be a bit of a "'fraidy cat."
  • Squidzy, a Wish that is supper grabby. Its tentacles can do all kinds of things, like reaching places that are very hard to get to.

The Kittynati

  • Growzer, a Wish that can make any vegetation glow larger.
  • Bubba, a swimming Wish that lets you breathe underwater.
  • Hushabye, a musical Wish that can play a wide selection of soothing songs.

A Berry Big Mystery

  • Snorfle, a Wish that can sniff out smells that are barely even smelly.
  • Hearya, a hearing Wish that can pick up sounds from really far away and amplify them back to you.
  • Growzer, a Wish that can make any vegetation glow larger.

Princess Grizbot

  • Bringit, a powerful magnet Wish that can pull any object made of metal towards it.
  • Zil-Yun, a Wish that can take one thing and multiply it by many times.

Hino Tari Hullabaloo

  • Tintlee, a color Wish that can change the color of any object, anywhere.
  • Flecto, a Wish that can not only show reflections in its mirror, but can make himself bigger and smaller, as well.

Queens of the Day and Night

  • Shoomp-ee, a protection Wish that opens like an umbrella, but can bathe you in sunlight while it's stormy and dark around you, or cover you in deep shade if you want out of the sun.

True Switcheroo

  • Look-See, a Seeing Wish that can help one spot things that others' eyes can't see.

Fee Fi Fo Frookie

  • Dotspot, a Wish that can make as many dots as you need.
  • Sloth-Be, a rare and unusual Wish that can put anything into slow motion.

The Living Sea

  • Chillzy, a Freeze Wish that blast super-cold beams to flash-freeze anything.
  • Whompit, a Stomping Wish that loves whomping and stomping.

Cosmic Sneeze

  • Warmo
  • Blabby

Woo-Woo Sky Blubbs

Wish Gone Wild

Big Mossy Mess

Happy Hearts Day

  • Gloompy a bubbledome Wish that can keep anything contained.
  • Slurpo a Wish that can vacuum everything. There Voiced By Shomoy James Mitchell

Friendship Day

  • Subba
  • Un-Do
  • Shim-Shim (returns)


Zee has a small amount of tools that he experiments with the Wishes, such as:

  • The Zingy Zapper, a multi-use tool that contains powerful Zappy Cling energy that can make multiple Wishes cling to it. It is activated by saying "Walla, Wuzza, Wim!" Zee uses this to move many Wishes at once.
  • The Wish hammock, a hammock that a Wish can relax in.
  • The Wishoscope, a tool that allows Zee to see inside a Wish and learn about its temperament.


  • When referring to a Wish, the word "Wish" is capitalized, according to official subtitles.