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General info

Zee is a male human who resides in The Wishing Tree, looking after and researching the Wishes using special tools. He is one of True's best friends.


Zee is kind, patient, and always helps True when a problem arises. His usual personality is mellow, but serious threats like the Wachoogieboogies CAN in fact cause him to freak out. Zee usually invites True to sit with him and have a "think" about the current problem, moments before True receives her Wishes from The Wishing Tree. Zee loves the Wishes and loves researching them using his many tools such as the Wishopedia, a book that defines each Wish and their ability.


Zee is a human with slightly tan skin and freckles on his cheeks. He has short purple hair and purple eyes, and wears a white uniform with grey trim and grey boots. His uniform resembles traditional martial arts Gi.



Zee and True are close friends, and Zee is always willing to help True and listen to her concerns and troubles. He is always sure to tell True everything about a Wish and how to properly use it in her adventures throughout the Rainbow Kingdom.


Zee has a small amount of tools that he experiments with the Wishes, such as:

  • The Zingy Zapper, a multi-use tool that contains powerful Zappy Cling energy that can make multiple Wishes cling to it. It is activated by saying "Walla, Wuzza, Wim!" Zee uses this to move many Wishes at once.
  • The Wish hammock, a hammock that a Wish can relax in.
  • The Wishoscope, a tool that allows Zee to see inside a wish and learn about its temperament.